Alhamdulillah, from the original intention of 750 blankets, SIA delivers the last of the over 1,200 blankets raised during its Annual Blanket Drive campaign.

Having started on Friday night, the 5th June, close on 200 blankets found its way to homeless and freezing individuals sleeping on streets, under bridges, behind bins, in drainage areas and the like - all within a 5km radius of our masjid. The next day, another 120 blankets was distributed to domestic workers and unemployed people in the area.

Tonight, we hope to cover the greater Sandton municipality and parts of inner-city Joburg with a further 400 blankets. Please meet at the masjid for Esha salaah (19h30), and we will then disperse on planned routes in marked vehicles in a co-ordinated manner. Dress warmly, preferably in reflective clothing and takkies to cover all sorts of off-road terrain. 

Tomorrow, we meet at the masjid at 10h30 and travel to Diepsloot to deliver the remainder of the blankets and will perform Zohr salaah there, before returning to the masjid.

We encourage all ladies and in particular, we want all our youth to participate in this worthy SIA Youth Day initiative. 

Jazaakallah khair

wassalaamu alaykum

SIA Committee